Winter in the Penshurst Apiary

Winter in the Penshurst Apiary

There's less to do in the winter when caring for bees, but those tasks are still vital. Treating for Varroa in the coldest times means there's less brood (where varroa mites hide out), so you can really target the mites on the bees. 

Tying down the hives was especially important this winter, with multiple storms. Don't worry, the hives in the image were all empty but it was a fright to see. 

Beekeeping in Kent has its own issues, the Asian Hornet is more prevalent here than anywhere else, due to our proximity to the continent. Keeping an eye out for nests now means less emerging in the spring, hopefully. 

Hefting the hives to see if they need any extra food is a necessary task. Warm days bring the bees out and they use up their stores. As global warming increases, this task is even more pertinent. 

It's a stressful time for every beekeeper, and only when they get to March/April can we breath a small sigh of relief. 

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