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Gardapis Asian Hornet Trap

Gardapis Asian Hornet Trap

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With free delivery on all products, we are thrilled to be a seller of Gardapis' totally innovative zero-bycatch Asian Hornet Trap. Hang the Gardapis in the garden (with bait) and they will attract insects. Almost all will be able to leave again, but the dreaded Asian Hornet can be caught, reported and the nest destroyed. The more nests we destroy, the better chance we stand at continuing beekeeping. 

  • Designed to be highly selective and only trap Asian Hornets.
  • Designed to do no harm to other insects
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to re-deploy

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How to use:

In the spring use the Red nozzle.  In spring the queens are out foraging to feed their first nests.  Every Queen killed kills an entire nest and so it is particularly important to have traps out to when the Queens first appear. Queens are larger than their workers and so the nozzles are larger to allow them in.  However European hornet queens are also out and the nozzle is small enough so that they cannot enter.  All other insects that might be attracted to the trap (including bees) are either small enough to easily escape through the mesh body of the trap or are too large to get through the nozzle.

The Asian Hornet Queens do not leave the nest again after their first brood of workers emerge.  The workers are very slightly smaller than their queens and this is why we can switch to the Orange nozzle.  Switch to the orange nozzle 6-8 weeks after the first Queens are sighted.   These nozzles allow the Asian Hornet Workers to enter the trap but not the European Hornet Workers that also appear around this time.

Our experience has been virtually zero bycatch.  If there is bycatch place the trap in a freezer until all the insects stop moving, open the trap and remove the bycatch (a spoon works well), put the insect to be saved outside to recover, and return the trap, complete with hornets back to the freezer for an hour or two to kill the remaining occupants.  Then rebait your trap,  leave a couple of dead Hornets in the trap too as this also seems to lure more Hornets.

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